branding, social, video, podcast, web
In 2020, artist and glass educator Helen Lee reached out to me to develop a suite of branding assets and design systems for the new online non-profit GEEX, the Glass Education Exchange. My role as the founding designer was to create an organizational identity and visual system that could speak to the three core tenets of GEEX, respect, value-retention, and archive, across their premiere online artist lectures, community events, social channels, and resource exchange.
Branding System:
I created a versatile color and type system that can be applied towards a wide range of educational media.
I constructed the GEEX logo based on the material behaviors of blown and molten glass, with rounded strokes and terminals that evoke forms one can make in a glass studio.
Social Media System:
I developed a simple visual system that educates glass/craft/art audiences online and highlights ongoing programming and features resources from the GEEX platform.
Video Title System:
With GEEX's goals of creating high-quality, accessible recorded lectures for educators, co-learners, and onlookers, I developed a system of video frames, title cards, and masks in Adobe Illustrator and Premiere Pro to present featured artists and researchers in the GEEX Talks virtual visiting artist lecture series. The system allows each speaker’s work and voice to shine, while presenting shared speakers in a consistent format that can be used flexibly across teaching curriculum.
GEEX has produced more than 15 artist/researcher lectures, spanning 3 seasons. 
Website System:
Based on the visual system I developed for GEEX, I restyled the CSS of an existing Wordpress theme to elevate the home base of the organization. As the web manager, I also kept the website updated with current programming, and curated community submissions for GEEX’s Glass Resource Exchange.